Worrying and Insomnia

Worrying can be a big contributing factor in insomnia. We can lie in bed, worrying about things that happened during the day, unable to sleep because we can’t slow our minds down. Or maybe we’re worrying about what we have to do tomorrow, these thoughts racing around in our heads and keeping us awake. Or maybe we’re just worrying in general about whatever pops into our minds. Regardless of what we’re worrying about, worrying can make it difficult to sleep.

One of the best ways to reduce worrying and make it easier to fall asleep at night, is to spend some time going over our worries in the evening. We look at what we’re worrying about. And we ask ourselves if there’s anything we can about whatever’s worrying us. And if there is, we do it. But if there isn’t, then we just try to let our worries go for today, since there’s nothing we can do about them now, except continue to worry about them, and give ourselves insomnia tonight.

The Best Tip To Reduce Worrying

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