Mindfulness, Anxiety and Letting Go Of Worries

Mindful Woman

If we’ve determined that our worry is unproductive, then we want to use a strategy to help us stop, or at least reduce our worrying. Mindfulness and CBT can each help us worry less and calm our anxiety. In the next couple of posts we’ll look at how to respond to worries with mindfulness. Then we’ll look at the CBT approach to worry.

When an unproductive worry enters our minds, we don’t want to ignore the thought, or try to block it or shut it out, because these strategies just make our worries fight harder for our attention. And even if we do manage to ignore it for a while, it’s just going to come back stronger later on.

The mindfulness way to relate to our worries is to first notice we’re having this thought or worry. Then we just acknowledge it. And then without giving it any undue attention, we simply let it go on its way. It passed in to our minds involuntarily (for example, as an automatic negative thought), and now we can let it pass right out of minds again. And there’s nothing more we need to do about it.

Now this is obviously a lot easier said than done. And it’s a skill that we can develop through mindfulness meditation (and if you’d like to learn more about mindfulness meditation, please check out my online mindfulness meditation course, or my meditation playlist on YouTube). But most people aren’t going to practice meditation. So the videos in this post and the next present some strategies to help us let go of worries without having to learn how to meditate.

Letting Go Of Thoughts

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