Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Self-Help Video Course

CBT Self-Help

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, emphasizes the relationships between our thoughts (the cognitive part of CBT), our actions and behaviour, and our emotions. In cognitive behavioral therapy we learn strategies and techniques to modify our thoughts and behaviour. And when we change our thoughts and behavior, we influence and change how we feel.

CBT works well for self-help because it relies on structured, practical exercises you can do on your own. These are often assigned as homework, so even when you’re working with a therapist, there is a substantial self-help component to CBT.

CBT Self-Help Course

The CBT videos in this free self-help course explain the material the way I do to clients, using animations that reinforce the content. While these videos aren’t a replacement for meeting with a therapist trained in CBT, they provide a lot of the information and some of the benefits that therapy offers. You’ll find all of the videos on my YouTube channel, but putting everything together on this site lets me organize the information better and provide additional context.

If you go through these videos in order, it’s like a free online CBT course. You’ll learn the fundamentals of CBT as well as many advanced CBT concepts. There are also links to all the pages in the sidebar (or at the bottom of the post if you’re on a mobile device), so you can quickly jump to wherever you left off.

I’ll keep adding videos to this course, and I’m working on similar courses on topics like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), depression, and anxiety. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified whenever I release a new video, and follow me on Twitter where I’ll post updates as I add content to this site.

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